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Welcome to ARTStatement!



 We strive to provide good quality, hand painted oil paintings (originals and reproductions) online to our customers who are looking to decorate their homes or offices at incredibly affordable prices.



 Good quality,100% hand painted oil on canvas at affordable prices on our website !



Customised oil paintings based on photographs and specified dimension provided by you.

 For instance,

1)    Mr Wong saw an oil painting of red roses that his wife likes very much in a gallery:

a) He took a photo,

  b) Sent it to us with his specific dimensions, and our artist hand painted it. for a very reasonable price!


2) Mrs Tan liked a poster print very much.

a) She provided us with the image,

  b) and our artist painted an exact replica ,oil on canvas, of her request for an incredible price!


So if you have been searching hard for quality hand painted oil paintings for your homes/offices at incredibly affordable prices, ARTStatement has the answer for you!


Love it, have it!

From all of us at ARTStatement